Why do the bulbs burn out. Psychic energy and electronics

Why do light bulbs burn out. Psychic energy and electronicsA photo from open sources

Suppose you change mobile phones several times a year; when your phone is working, calls often drop, and conversations crackling and other strange sounds interfere. Entering the room, you click switch – and the light under the ceiling burns out, or when your When indoors, the light of all lamps dims. Street lights blink or burn out when you’re around. Wiring, headlights or the alternator in your car is constantly breaking. The battery in your watch works much less than it should. Your computer often has glitches, and it does not work like should – the connection to the Internet disappears, it freezes or occurs other issues unrelated to technical difficulties and viruses. A familiar picture? In all of these situations on electronics impacted by your intuitive energy. It can be annoying and expensive if you don’t know how to control the situation. Psychics usually have higher levels of vibrational frequency and increased energy fields, which enhances internal energy and can lead to malfunctioning electrical systems. Because the psychics use more energy, they draw it from the environment electronics, because of which the batteries run out, and in technical devices have short circuits. With people with such a feature is often associated with the concept of “exchange of information with street lighting. “It’s about their ability to turn on and turn off street lighting, as well as affect other electrical devices. For example, such people cannot wear watches for a long time. hours without them stopping, moreover no matter how long the battery has been replaced. They often there are problems with noise in the mobile phone and intermittent calls, with magnetic strips on credit cards, when they carry cards with them for a long time. You can notice what is happens more often when you are very excited, angry, or emotionally vulnerable. Because the human body is full energy, when emotions are heated, people with this property energetically overwhelmed. Electricity comes out of the body and Affects appliances in the vicinity. Often more than others those who in the past accounted for this effect collide with electricity. I almost died from childhood electric current. You could have a similar case, or, perhaps you even once struck by lightning. Any serious collision with electricity can be a catalyst for properties this kind. How to control the situation so as not to spend a lot of money to replace electronics and light bulbs? One way to control is a visualization of the White Light. Imagine a Cocoon Around You from the White World and equip it with the intention of keeping you grounded and centered (even when you are full of energy) – and you will succeed stop this “electrical disfigurement”. Sometimes you forget and protection weakens. When you notice that the technique around you is not working quite normal, just strengthen the barrier to stay grounded. Electronics can also be influenced by perfumes, especially when they are trying to attract attention. Perfume can burn light bulbs. If you have a barrier, but you still have difficulty with the equipment, take the time sit still and ask the spirit if it has a message for you. The ability to telekinesis and psychokinetic energy Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Many of us have heard about telekinesis, which is based on psychokinetic energy. A person with the ability to use this energy in able to act on inanimate objects without physical contact with them. Manifestations of psychokinetic energy intensify with hormonal changes, in particular during sexual ripening, menopause or pregnancy, although they may occur in any time. This applies equally to men, women and to children. Apparently a person who is endowed with the ability to telekinesis, cannot control it – and sometimes it manifests itself absolutely unexpected. Sometimes the ability to act on objects manifests itself for months, and then the effect disappears as quickly as appeared. It may recover in the future under the influence of stress. or hormonal changes. There are people who possess ability to telekinesis (psychokinesis) throughout life, and this ability manifests itself especially brightly when near is there any electrical or mechanical device: they enter the kitchen – and the light bulbs burn out, and the microwave is out of order! For a description of psychokinetic energies sometimes use the word poltergeist. In many psychokinetic energy manifestations are attributed to movies ghosts, however most magicians and psychics do not believe that is poltergeist somehow related to otherworldly entities. You can notice that unexpected noise, knock, the movement of inanimate objects, voices and the like phenomena occur only in the presence of a certain person. If he leaves the room, all manifestations of “ghosts” disappear. When he returns, oddities resume. What causes psychokinetic activity? It is peculiar to people with psychic abilities, especially if they are unaware of those who ignore or even deny them. This happens to people with emotional disorders who are stressful, not expressing their feelings openly. I also believe that some people, intuitively and spiritually operating at a very high vibrational frequency (frequency personal vibration), able to unconsciously act to objects surrounding them. Of course, they can put around blocks themselves, so as not to burn out all the light bulbs and street lights, however, this can still happen due to their characteristic excess flow of positive energy. So what to do if you so affect the world around you? First of all should focus and critically evaluate your intuitive abilities and frequency level; center and ground them if necessary. Next, you should identify all the emotional problems that you have there are (areas of increased stress or frustration), and then try to reduce stress or at least take it under control. Assess the environmental impact of your energy and try to learn how to keep energy balanced inside and do not spread it out uncontrollably. And finally understand that outbreaks of psychokinetic energy usually occur random and short. Sooner or later they pass. If you’ll be good at this phenomenon, such flashes will be end faster.

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