Why do we believe in things that cannot be verified and to prove

Why do we believe in things that cannot be verified and provedA photo from open sources

Our world consists of skeptics who rely only on empirical evidence, and dreamers ready a priori believe in anything, if only it was mysterious and reveals horizons into the unknown.

The most interesting thing is that pure dreamers, like inveterate there are not so many skeptics. Basically, a person is constantly rushing around between faith and knowledge, and these two criteria of knowledge the environment is so intertwined in our minds that we often doesn’t even understand what you can believe in and what you can’t, as far as scientists are right in this or that question, but as far as not.

The Internet only aggravated this situation, or rather, a lot turned upside down (or maybe just the opposite). Not, hardened skeptics still remained. But their ranks are significantly diminished.

Let’s name at least a few unprovable things (of the most significant) that seem to many today undeniable, although direct evidence still does not exist. These are UFOs and aliens, cryptids (especially yetis and various monsters of bodies of water), astrology and faith in the prediction of the future, time travel, the law of karma and reincarnation, ghosts, afterlife and so on.

A photo from open sources

Please note (delve into the story for interest) that everything truly great scholars were believers (not religious fanatics, namely those who believe that this world was created by God reason). All who experience clinical death, if not gain fantastic abilities after that (examples of this a lot), then even being inveterate skeptics, they immediately turn into unstoppable “dreamers.” Why is that?

Maybe the whole point is that knowledge about this world is more the deep and vast that we have accumulated in past lives (here you need to believe again in unprovable reincarnation), break through into our current consciousness and make us believe in reality miracles?

And our world is really full of miracles. But what are miracles? Apparently, these are the beacons of our progress. Life is Permanent movement, as philosophers say, and if you are staying in knowing it, you have already died, even if it seems to you that you are still alive. Therefore, do not think that if tomorrow is so long-awaited contact with aliens will be caught finally Bigfoot, and levitation and teleportation will become commonplace, then all miracles from our world will disappear. Perhaps there will be more more, and they themselves will become much more interesting and mysterious than the current ones. AND we will need to search again, prove something, in something to doubt and discover the unknown. This is the way – the way to infinity.

Incidentally, incorrigible skeptics, it’s time to change shoes and – also in way…

Yeti Reincarnation

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