Why does man attract metals?

Why does man attract metals?Photos from open Today’s sources are unlikely to surprise anyone with news that such and such the child has some incredible abilities, say, knows how to attract metal objects to his body like this this young perm perm is easy to do.

However, such abilities, especially those so vivid, are constantly fall into the field of view of both spectators and scientists of different levels and suits. Only the first ones, most likely, are trying to “get in touch with miracle “, and the second – to understand and at least somehow explain why a person can work like a magnet.

Many researchers are trying to explain these abilities. the phenomenon of “indigo children.” In fact, the world is increasingly appearing children with paranormal abilities. True, each of them expressed differently, for example, this young Permyachka may surprise and confuse even the most skeptical scientists. But other indigo children differ from all their other peers, rather, by some more a deep look at life, the ability to predict the future, and so Further.

But this is clearly a nascent new race of earthlings, which, perhaps, will solve many of our problems and first of all the problem self-destruction of mankind through an arms race. In the meantime … bye they work, say, like a magnet, just surprising and amusing adults …

Indigo children

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