Why does milk sour in a thunderstorm?

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From ancient times, there is an unusual belief among people that milk turns sour in a thunderstorm. Surprisingly, if you believe numerous reviews, this is not a reality, but a reality even now. If the drink is in the refrigerator, it will not play a role. Unknown why, but this effect does not depend on temperature, humidity or air pressure. The reason the product is spoiled according to scientists, it is connected with spherixes, that is electromagnetic long-wave pulses. So how can they be measure at a distance of several hundred kilometers then weather-sensitive people have thunderstorm prediction or lightning. However, how these impulses act on milk, until it is known. There is another possible explanation for this phenomenon. Milk may deteriorate due to the fact that calcium in it during a thunderstorm tends to react with the protein, while causing it folding. We found no evidence for this hypothesis. Probably, that only real milk, “from under the cow,” becomes sour. A here with the purchased such unusual effects are practically not observed, since its composition will still be different from natural.

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