Why is a resident of Yekaterinburg mummified?

Why did a resident of Yekaterinburg mummify?Photo from open sources

In Yekaterinburg, an amazing event occurred. Upon elimination leakage of a riser in one of the apartment buildings of the Ural capital, I had to crack the locked apartment through which I passed water conduit, and a mummy of a woman was discovered there.

The mummy was lying on the bed, covered with a blanket. Established that this was a former high school teacher in Yekaterinburg. By paid communal payments established that her death around the beginning of 2012, that is, a woman’s dead body lay in the apartment for more than four years.

It was not discovered earlier only because of relatives the teacher did not have relatives and friends, and her body fantastically mummified, for which reason no no odors attracting neighbors.

A photo from open sources

At the moment, the woman’s mummy is being examined, scientists are trying to pinpoint the teacher’s death date, but most importantly – what caused the mummification of the corpse? However, Researchers may be waiting for a fiasco in solving the second question. The fact is that spontaneous mummification is a question rather spiritual than scientific. Presumably, the old lady, a teacher in past, towards the end of life, was a deeply religious person, although no particular evidence was found in his apartment. What then? The real mystery …

However, information from around the world that individual cases of corpses instead of decomposing, mummified. And in the Colombian city of San Bernardo, it acquired even the nature of the “epidemic”, since the local cemetery is practically all buried suddenly began to mummify spontaneously. how As a rule, scientists look for reasons for this in food, in soil cemeteries (as for the San Bernard case), other components in which the mummification of corpses occurred, however, with under the same conditions, for some reason, some corpses decompose, while others turn into mummies. And so far none of the scientists have yet to explain can…


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