Why Stonehenge Was Built: New unusual theory

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Near Stonehenge, archaeologists have found evidence that about 5 thousand years ago, that is, before this was erected stone structure, hunters lived there. Moreover, this area has been inhabited for 3 thousand years, as scientists have discovered the remains of tools and bones of large extinct cows.

People from different cultures and regions came to this area, because wild cows lived here. Research supervisor David Jacques of the Open University of Great Britain expressed the suggestion that these findings will help to understand the causes of Stonehenge. Also, the findings will help determine who created Stonehenge. About 9 thousand years ago at the place of Stonehenge were pine pillars, possibly totems, have been erected, but scientists are still had very scant evidence of people’s lives in this area at the time. Now researchers suggest that these ancient buildings could have been erected since this area was considered sacred to hunters. For decades, people could only guess about the purpose of the mysterious stones, erected about 5 thousand years ago on the plain of Wiltshire, England. No one knows why the ancient people put these stones here: someone believes that this place is an ancient cult or solar calendar, but there is still no consensus. Large megaliths reach 9 meters in length and weigh about 25 tons, and the weight of small stones is 4 tons. According to researchers, huge the boulders were delivered from the quarry to a distance of 32 km from a mysterious place, and small stones were most likely brought from Presley Hills, which is 250 km from Stonehenge. When studying archival David Jacques discovered photographs of this region not far from him old creek with fresh water. This prompted the scientist to the idea that animals could come here for watering, and then here people also moved. The research team managed to discover many animal bones and tools of man, as well as traces bonfires. Excavations at Stonehenge in 2008 also confirm that the fact that this place was used in older times. But precisely finding the bones of ancient cows makes this discovery so important – ancestors naturally moved to this area after the wild cows.

Sergey Vasilenkov

Stonehenge Stones

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