Will soldiers be printing on a 3D printer?

Will soldiers be printing on a 3D printer?A photo from open sources

US scientists have proposed the military to scan the bodies of all US troops with the goal of creating their exact virtual copies. The question is – why?

The idea is to copy a healthy person and if necessary, easily recreate its image on a 3D printer. I made such an offer at the conference held in San Jose James Mach, a researcher at the University of Nevada.

During battles, fighters get injured and lose limbs, which have to be restored. 3D copy of a serviceman greatly simplify the task of surgeons. This technology is capable of make life easier for many wounded and war veterans, said scientist.

According to the International Business Times, in more than 200 medical and scientific institutions around the world today enjoy virtual operating tables that allow detailed to study anatomy. Accurate 3D image helps doctors and students examine in great detail the insides person.

With this technology, it will be possible to create implants, contributing to the growth of new bones in humans. It should be noted that in last year the number of different surgical operations in which 3D printed materials.

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