Will the Valley of Elyu Cherkachekh reveal his secret

A photo from open sources

Somewhere in the upper reaches of the Yakut river Vilyui lies a valley that locals also call Elya Cherkachekh – Death Valley. Strange and terrible things tell about those places. There are legends about huge metal arches protruding from the earth frozen ground wells leading to underground rooms where it’s warm even in the most severe frosts. Only hunters who slept in those premises, then they were ill for a long time and seriously, and those who spent there a few nights were dying very soon. And one of the hunters in one of the rooms I saw the corpses of strange people – black, with one eye, in iron clothes. Huge copper cauldrons – the Oguis, are scattered throughout the valley. The river flowing in the valley is called Olguidah – Kotelnaya. Fairy tales? Researcher p. Vilyuy Richard Maak (1825 – 1886) wrote in diary that the expedition saw one of these giant “cauldrons”. It was difficult to determine its size, as it peeped out of the ground only its edge. This locality was called Algy Timirnit – “where the big boiler drowned” We saw the boilers later. Resident of Vladivostok Mikhail Koretsky visited the Death Valley three times – in 1933, 1939 and in 1949. Last 2 times – as part of an artel gold diggers. According to his stories, he saw 7 “boilers”. Their size is from 6 to 9 meters. Made of unknown metal. Artel workers they wanted to recapture a piece of the “boiler”, but even the honed one chisel. They hit with a hammer in a big way, but there wasn’t any left on the surface even dents. The surface could not even be scratched. Michael striking anomalous vegetation around the “cauldrons” – giant burdocks, long vines, grass one and a half to two times higher human growth. Once the group spent the night in one of “boilers”. We slept peacefully, in the morning they left. Three months later, one of the artisans lost all their hair. Michael himself acquired three sores on left temple, which lay on the ground. He treated sores all his life, but I could not get rid of them.

A photo from open sources Wells leading to underground corridors and rooms with the remains of strange people, neither Michael nor his companions found. What is it? Remains of crashed spaceships? Material evidence of pre-existing and extinct civilizations? Or something third? All these questions could be answered. right on the spot a special expedition. Just have to hurry. By to Koretsky’s testimonies, “boilers” are deeper and deeper every year go to the ground. It may happen that finally came to The expedition will not find anything in the death valley.

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