Winter “Chinese” appeared on Lake Khanka wall”

Winter appeared on Lake KhankaPhoto from open sources

On Lake Khanka, which borders the PRC, due to severe frosts and an ice barrier appeared, similar to the great Chinese walls, since the height of this natural formation reaches already 20 meters, and its length is many kilometers.

Meteorologists explain that such an ice wall could have arisen due to too low temperatures, increased wind and currents water above the surface of the ice, but previously nothing like this observed, so this is a New Year’s “gift” to local residents It seems strange and even prophetic.

As independent scholars of history prove, for example, George Sidorov, the Great Wall of China was not built by the Chinese, and by the Russians (the inhabitants of Tartaria, that is, the ancient Slavs), and just from the raids of the various tribes inhabiting modern Celestial. No wonder conspiracy theorists right there spotted a warning in the current icy “Chinese wall” Russia that China is not as friendly as it seems with at a glance.

And although today the interests of Russia and China coincide, especially in in relation to the USA and the European Union, such mystical signs can to regard, say psychics, as warnings from above. In them you can not believe, they may not necessarily be fulfilled, but it just safety signs that need to be taken on the road in order not to crash …

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