With the longest language – in the Book of Records Guinness!

With the longest tongue - in the Guinness Book of Records!Photo from open source Adrianna Lewis is an eighteen-year-old American, residing in Michigan (Twin Lake City) is today contender for the title of person with the longest language in the world.

A photo from open sources

The length of her tongue exceeds ten centimeters, which allows for a girl, for example, it’s easy to get them not only to the nose, which can demonstrate to many people of the planet, but also to the eye, to chin to elbows and other parts of the body.

A photo from open sources

Thanks to the Internet, Adrianna Lewis’s unique language has become celebrity, but because practical American thinking how to get with him to the page of the Book of Records Guinness. The fact is that by far the longest in the world considered a record language of 9.9 centimeters, which is somewhat inferior the length of Adrianna Lewis’s tongue.

A photo from open sources

Journalists asked the girl if it helps her somehow. the length of her tongue in other areas of life besides PR? What is adrianna answered that in such a language, for example, it’s very convenient to lick ice cream, get berries from a cup and much more. In terms of conversation, it does not interfere, however, and special benefits, say, in pronunciation or learning foreign languages ​​does not. But you can always brag about it, surprise loved ones, make laugh and entertain friends, so his main advantage is still in PR, and not in practicality.

By the way, we just add that in our world there is a lot of surprising, but precisely this “very-most.” And the longest language is not yet it’s amazing how, say, the tallest man in the world, the most heavy, the most gluttonous and so on. And it’s amazing that the Book Guinness World Records are not only constantly updated with new unique data, but also updated with new records in one or another area. That old record for the length of the tongue, it seems, is already will be beaten soon …


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