With the sunken Titanic every six years the signal “SOS” is heard

From the sunkenA photo from open sources

It is believed that the Titanic became the first ship in history to send over wireless telegraphy “SOS”.

However, not everyone knows one mysterious legend regarding the infamous British transatlantic steamer. If believe some independent researchers, this liner, colliding with an iceberg in the night of April 14-15, 1912 North Atlantic, still continues to ask for help every six years.

Mystic and Supernatural Specialists phenomena convinced that the famous tragedy that claimed the lives of about one and a half thousand people could not really end, and her the echo is forced to periodically repeat, frozen in a peculiar time loop. No wonder they say that strong negative human emotions leave a mark on the fabric of reality, and when something truly catastrophic happens, echoes the past cannot be avoided. From here, they say, various ghosts and similar breakthroughs from the past.

Be that as it may, this intriguing myth did not originate on empty place. April 15, 1972 Lloyd Detmer, radio operator on the American battleship Theodore Roosevelt, unexpectedly received a signal “SOS”.

Listening to the noise in the headphones, the man heard inaudible voice asking to help passengers and the crew of the sinking Titanic. Reporting this to the shore, Lloyd I received an order not to respond to the signal. “Titanic”, they say, long crashed – this is history, which means either speech It’s about someone’s stupid joke, or Detmer just misheard.

A photo from open sources

To the American, however, this seemed suspicious, and he for the sake of curiosity, he began his own investigation. Turning to military archives, our hero was surprised to learn that his colleagues also received similar radiograms: in 1918, 1924, 1930, 1936, 1942, 1948 and so on, that is, strictly with an interval of six years. AND every time the radio operators seem to have heard the late captain Edward Smith, calling for the rescue of people on board the Titanic.

Detmer’s mind did not appear to be ready for such a discovery, and the man soon abruptly stopped his research. Moreover, he was still treated for a long time for neurosis in one of Baltimore clinics.

In April 1996, the Canadian edition of Toronto Sun wrote about similar “ghosts of radio air” received recently by the ship “Quebec” (note: the interval of 6 years is maintained). Since then, alas, Phantom distress calls from the sunken Titanic are no longer it was reported. Some say that radio operators around the world are strictly forbidden to spread about this anomaly. According to others, the legendary airliner finally found peace and stopped disturbing residents of the future …


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