Wolf Messing worked … dead

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Journalist “KP” recalls personal meetings with a famous a mind reader, whose tricks are still called by a miracle

On November 8, 1974, the famous master passed away “psychological experiences” and “reading thoughts,” whose tricks are still so far called a miracle. Or maybe he was a real magician anyway?

The dispute between enthusiastic gift fans of Messing and critics still not quiet down. Some claim that he was a great magician. Others are that ingenious scammer.

But one person knew the artist very well for one and a half ten years. This is our former colleague Vadim Chernov. Worked in the 1960s in the science department of Komsomolskaya Pravda. Then he went to his homeland to Stavropol. We published part of his memoirs in KP 09/11/2009 on the 110th anniversary of the birth of Messing. Promised continue the story, but did not have time – he died. However left a memoir in his two-volume “My Day – My Century. Selected Works. Stories, essays, articles “(Stavropol, Non-profit literary Foundation “Word and deed”). Books were handed to me by his sister Svetlana.

… “Describe me as a man!” – asked once Messing Chernova. He fulfilled the request. We give a few curious facts from a celebrity biography.


At 16, Messing went to Berlin and worked as a messenger there. Once he was sent with a package to the suburbs. On the way, the guy lost consciousness. Here is how Wolf Grigoryevich himself spoke about this:

– It was a hungry faint, because I lived poorly. I was brought to the hospital. There is no pulse or breathing. The body is cold. And brought me to morgue. Could easily be buried in a common grave. But some student noticed that my heart still beats. Said about me Professor of Psychiatry Abel. And he saw that I was in lethargy caused by hunger, nervous shocks. Abel brought me to consciousness, and began to bet on me their experiences. He assured me that I can control my body as I want, that I am very suggestive. These are the experiences I’ve put on me. Abel.

A photo from open sources

Wolf Messing. Photo: readmas.ru

Usually he gave me mentally different orders, and I did everything. Let’s say coins were hidden in the stove. I had to find them, get them out of stoves, but not through the door, but hammering a brick or tile into the wall. Everything worked out easily for me. And after Abel, I started make money with your developed abilities. At I appeared impresario Zellmeister. Then he sold me in panopticon where I worked … dead. He came to work, went to bed into a glass coffin and brought itself into a cataleptic state exactly for three days. Outwardly, I was no different from a dead man. None even noticed how I breathe. I achieved a lot with training.

Messing talked about his training following:

– In my free four days (those that did not lie in the coffin) I went to Berlin bazaars. Along the counters stood peasant women from the surrounding sat down. Buyers were rare, and many were waiting for them, thinking about his. I walked past and alternately, like a vernier successor including all new stations, “listened” to simple unhurried thoughts of German peasants about the economy left at home, about the fate of the daughter, who failed to marry, about food prices, which are stubbornly growing. But I had to not only “hear” these thoughts, but also check how correct my perception. And in In doubtful cases, I went up to the counter and said, with insight looking into the eyes:

– Do not worry. Daughter will not forget to milk the cows and give food piglets. Although it’s still small, it’s strong and strong. smart.

Stunned by the splash of hands, exclamations of surprise convinced me that I was not mistaken.

I have been engaged in such training for more than two years. Abel taught me another art – the ability to turn off the power of will or another pain sensation.

A photo from open sources

Vadim Chernov. Photo: vechorka.ru

PRO Predictions

He predicted to me my future life, stopped on the turning years. I will say one thing, in many ways he was not mistaken. One thing has sunk into me his strange statement that it’s not very difficult for him to do when he absolutely does not know the interlocutor. It turned out that man was for Messing, as it were, transparent in the first hours of acquaintance, and then, as the clairvoyant complained, “everything is foggy for me, it is becoming unsteady, and I confusing the past with the present, starting to get lost. ”


The first to feel his great gift was a Jewish writer Sholem Aleichem.

“He was passing through our place Gora Kalwaria,” he recalled. Messing. – And I, a 9-year-old, was brought to him. He gently patted me on the cheek and said that a great future awaits me, that I’m in I will meet great people in my time. And so it happened.

– And which of the greats has done more for you impression?

“No one,” he answered indifferently. – Stalin was just good a hypnotist, as well as Hitler. Einstein had a lot of books, I remember them walking and leafing through Sigmund Freud – strict and boring mister. Einstein was a simpler, homely person. Mental orders Freud did to me, and I completed them all. For example, I had to take on the dressing table tweezers, go to Einstein and pluck out of it mustache three hairs. In general, Freil taught me self-hypnosis and concentration. And which of the great ones do I value the most? Nosradamus and Cagliostro. They were able to no less than mine.


Messing once recalled a curious episode:

– We drove along the highway and my companions suddenly say: “Go ahead the car is on. You can send a mental order to the driver so that he stopped near that pillar? “I got down to business and that car got up. The driver walked around the pillar for several minutes, looked into motor, kicked on the tires … in general, he drove only when I let him go.

Or more. In Riga, he rode the streets in a car blindfolded eyes. The artist recalled this experience with humor, laughing:

– I once had a very demanding impresario mister Kobak. He always demanded from me a variety of experiments, so that attract people to performances and earn more on me. We arrived in Latvia. That was in 1924. Kobak says: “Surprise Riga residents for advertising purposes! “I suggest blindfolding me and planting behind the wheel of a car on which I never as a driver traveled.

“And you went?”

– Yes, through all of Riga blindfolded. Thousands of people have seen this is. I will say that it was not very difficult for me. After all, in the back the seat was an experienced driver who mentally controlled my arms, legs …


With his wife – a sweet and thorough Aida Mikhailovna – he lived 16 years. Admitted in his biography: “The years lived with her are the most happy in my life. “I also remembered how with her met:

“In 1944, in Novosibirsk, after a session of psychological experiments a young woman came up to me.

– It seems to me that the opening address to your speech should be read differently …

“Well,” I replied, “try to read it.” his. My next speech in two days. You will be able to prepare?

She agreed. The day before I met her again. To me liked her manner of reading.

– Do you have a long dress for performances?

“No, I think you should wear a dark formal suit.” is he more suited to your experience sessions. ”

At 45, a mature man, Messing met his happiness. IN sixty he lost it, his wife died. Again became lonely, what has always been.


Once I came home to Messing to invite him to us. the editors of Komsomolskaya Pravda. But a little late, he is very pissed off: did not tolerate punctuality. Go to the editor refused, but left me for dinner. During the meal, the host suddenly went into the next room. And from the door I suddenly heard swear words that I don’t risk passing on. I experienced almost a shock. It even seemed to me that the mat was facing me. The owner seems to be found a secluded place in his apartment and there … discharged! “A complete psychopath, not a clairvoyant – that’s who he is,” more and more often I thought until I felt a steady gaze on myself, Messing’s inextricable gaze.

– It’s you in vain, young man, – all of a sudden unexpectedly Wolf Grigoryevich told me and asked his wife: “Bring his”.

Aida Mikhailovna returned with a large cage in which he was sitting big parrot. He began to swear, probably knew a hundred words.

In a few years, Messing will write in his autobiography: “I do not took a single dishonorable step in life. “And that was so. He could to be capricious and willful. Loved and understood the joke. Could puzzle man, having read before this his thoughts. It happened to me on this dinner. Or maybe this is a rare understanding of the internal state person?

A photo from open sources

Svetlana is the sister of Vadim Chernov. Photo: Photo by Nikolay Rybalkin (“KP” – Stavropol “).


Many scholars doubted Messing’s magical abilities. On the he was offended:

– It’s a strange thing, I have been working cleanly for tens of years and in front of hundreds people, confidently read their thoughts, predict what then necessarily happens. And they consider me at best just artist, they talk about some imperceptible muscle movements that I am so cleverly catching. I do not like cheating and claim that telepathy quite materialistic. It’s just not completely studied, in many ways she was compromised by various charlatans. It’s not about some of mine heightened feelings. I just hear the thoughts of other people, but not all the same way.

… The psychotherapist Alexander Dovzhenko was probably right, who in 1983 told me in Feodosia:

– Messing was a brilliant psychic, a great hypnotist and knew almost everything. And what a pity that he squandered his abilities, sprayed on the stage, amusing and surprising people, instead of help them, treat them.

Svetlana Kuzina

Wolf Messing Einstein’s Life Time

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