Woman gave birth to 44 children over 18 years

A woman gave birth to 44 children over 18 yearsPhotos from open sources of

40-year-old Ugandan Mariam Nabatanzi is considered the most prolific a woman in her own country, and most likely, all over the world. For his she gave birth to 44 children, which many of us will surely find pure fantasy or exaggeration. Especially considering that for the first time an African woman became pregnant by the standards of her country quite late – at 22 years old.

However, this is true. Over the past 18 years ordinary a resident of the village of Kabimbiri in the central part of the country gave birth six pairs of twins, four “sets” of triplets, three “sets” of the fours, and also eight times gave birth to single children. 38 of them are alive and well to this day.

Most of the offspring of Mariam, as it is easy to calculate, are still since minors. They live with their mother in a common house, and, despite the fact that our heroine raises them alone, she somehow manages to provide such a large family with everything necessary. At least, her sons and daughters are always full, dressed and have a roof over head.

Nabatanzi says her life has never been easy. At 12, she miraculously escaped death after her parents tried to poison her. Because of this, the Ugandan was forced into so young age to marry a 40 year old man who constantly spreading his arms and treating her like a naughty to the pet.

Local gynecologist Charles Kiggundu told reporters that the reason for such a high fertility of a woman probably lies in her genome. Most likely, the African is genetically predisposed to multiple ovulation, that is, her ovaries release simultaneously several eggs during one cycle.

According to Mariam, the theory of doctors has meaning. The parents of our heroine had a total of 45 children, and the vast majority of them were also twins – triplets or quadruples. Alas, the financial situation of that family was much more deplorable, and the couple literally killed their offspring to get rid of excess mouths. No punishment she I never suffered for it …

Nabatanzi, despite all his trials, prefers not complaining about life and daily thanks the higher powers for she and her children are not starving or ill. To feed a family woman works from morning to evening seven days a week, caring for local plantations fighting pests and diseases agricultural plants.

Every day, the mother of the family buys 20 liters of milk, 10 kilograms of cornmeal, 4 kilograms of sugar, 3 packs of soap, as well as many other products and tools of the first necessary.

When the story of Mariam hit the World Wide Web, users Networks have set up a fundraising campaign for a unique family Uganda. In total, over 10 thousand dollars were donated in a month USA, which will soon be transferred to Nabatanzi in order to facilitate its financial position.

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