Women Note: Smells

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Body odor, from which troubles perfumers vying offer their expensive means, not determined by specific a property of the body itself, as such, and WHAT a person consumes into itself (“shoves” into the body “!) and WHAT a person generates in himself! The Universe gives “clues” to people, demonstrating a blessed smell, coming from even DEAD BODIES of righteous people and a nasty smell from bodies of “living corpses”. For a hint, remember how you smell after how to eat garlic! I mean not the smell from the mouth, but the smell sweat. Sweat, among other things, removes filth from the body, formed in the body when a person tries (voluntarily or involuntarily!) poison your body. And if you eat foods not own production, and produced by machines under control people in an inharmonious state because of the desire to receive as much money as possible and for fear that you can lose coveted money for some “random” reason, then yourself think what energy (not “value” !!!) does such “food”. Think about the relevance of perfumes, despite the availability of water for washing still living bodies! Moreover, pay attention that the farther the woman’s inner world is from the Divine Light and closer to the civilized “light”, the more she needs perfumes, to smell decent. The misconception that bad smell the human body is Created by the Creator, and is not a consequence “civilization”, which for this comes up with perfume, so that living ugly, but at the same time, smelling “decently.” If the smell different individuals of one species would be unpleasant to others individuals, then life would have long ceased! The smell is the same SIGNAL information, as well as information obtained through other bodies feelings, we just forgot it for a long time and firmly, assimilating “knowledge” SPECIALLY DESIGNED TRAINING. Think about it, because any manifestation (phenomenon!) necessarily points to something (like a lesson!), so that we pay attention to this, find the reason and learn not to allow the manifestation of phenomena that are unpleasant to us! In the universe everything (any disease!) has a REASON! Not only money smells but also thoughts “colored” with the corresponding emotions! Just money “absorb the smell of all,” and the smell of thoughts is individual, until they ” will pour “into the corresponding Egregore. Based on the materials of the book: A. Neman “Return woman to woman.”


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