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The secrets of the indigenous Siberian peoples cannot be revealed. To this day dramatic and mystical occur in these places события… Killing the wordФото из открытых источников Страшный всадникIrkutsk engineer Andrei Petrovich Turchaninov never thought that similar things can happen to his loved ones until in 1999, his the younger brother Dmitry did not go on vacation to rest on the alpine Lake Selenken, in the north-east of Tuva. Healthy and full of strength a thirty-year-old man returned home gray-haired two weeks later an exhausted old man who, after examination in a hospital an acute progressive malignant tumor was detected. Shortly before his death, Dmitry told Andrei Petrovich that, in his opinion, became the cause of his serious illness. Soon after arriving at the place of rest, he quarreled with one of the local inhabitants, and he promised to cruelly take revenge on his offender. And in one from the days when Dmitry was sunbathing on the picturesque shore of the lake, the rider stopped near him. From one kind of uninvited Dmitry became uncomfortable with the guest. Thick, resinous beard Tuvinian dressed in a black national costume with a gold rim, stared with an unkind look at Dmitry, holding in the right hand deep clay bowl. The black horse under him impatiently hoofs knocked out fine sand. Here the horseman approached tense in anxious expectation Turchaninov, began something mutter to his mustache, then he scooped up the liquid with his left hand, located in the bowl, and splashed it on Dmitry. Next moment the horse turned and trotted off. Already at night Dmitry felt a malaise, which was getting worse day by day. After returning to Irkutsk, he was left with ten painful lives days. Shaman killers Once a year after so the unexpected death of his brother Andrei Turchaninov accidentally met with Irkutian who studied paranormal abilities of representatives of traditional religious cults peoples of Siberia. He informed him that among the shamans there are a certain very narrow caste of people whose modern language can be called killers. These followers of pagan cults under help only spells consisting of a certain set often obscure words that can reduce even young and healthy person to the grave. “Verbal killers” are not present only among the shamans of Siberia and the Far East, but also among Old-believer sorcerers and Buddhist healers. Among the schismatics, fled from the oppression of Tsar Peter Alekseevich beyond the Urals, there was the legend of the Old Believer named Dyshlyak. According to her, this fanatical follower of the “true” Russian faith, settled in the beginning of the XVIII centuries at the confluence of the Ob and Tobol rivers, for a year every day he was slandering a royal person. To appointed the old-time sorcerer, the emperor went to another world. And soon for Peter I was followed by Dyshlyak himself. In the place where he lived in solitude, soon a village arose that existed until the mid forties years of the XX century and bore the name Dyshlyakovka. Related story associated with the famous Russian breeder Akinfiy Demidov, having numerous factories and ore mines in the Urals and Siberia. By order of A. Demidov to work in enterprises located in Kolyvan, workers of various ages were recruited by force, both from the number of Russian immigrants, and from the local population – Altai, Dzungars, Mongols, Kazakhs and other small nationalities. By legend, during a collapse in one of the mines, where secretly from silver coins were minted in the imperial court, a boy died – son of the elder of the Oyrot village. Heartbroken Shaman Speaks a spell that soon killed the mine manager, two of his clerks, and a month later, the all-powerful miner … Witch doctor from Akademgorodok The phenomenon of verbal murder never studied scientifically. In tsarist Russia it was it is customary to consider such a phenomenon the machinations of the devil, in the Soviet time similar deaths found quite materialistic explanation – poisoning, exposure to radiation etc. Only once in the early seventies of the XX century, a young and talented employee of one of the “closed” research institutes of Novosibirsk Academic campus Sergey Kamov became interested in this phenomenon. And all because his grandfather possessed the ability to kill a word – hereditary medicine man from the small village of Kochenevo, which Novosibirsk region. As a teenager, Sergei saw his grandfather he killed a furious yard dog, saying only one word to her: “Die.” And after a second, a huge wolfhound rushing about on a leash with with a foamed mouth, he wet himself and gave up his spirit. By the beginning of the eighties years Kamov collected many similar cases, spent hundreds experiments, during which he took electrical readings impulses of nerve endings, brain activity and central nervous system of humans and animals. In addition, the scientist set experiments on plants. Of over three hundred slander and spells composed in fifteen languages, dialects, and local in dialects, one and a half hundred possessed truly “lethal” power. So, after the first utterance of some texts, the plants wilted in in a few minutes. The experimental dogs developed malignant malignant diseases, ending in death. A number of texts with less by force of impact, entailed severe short-term disorders of the nervous and immune systems, led to progression existing chronic diseases. After years of experimentation Sergey Kamov concluded that the power of the effects of spells Depends on the keywords encoded in the texts. So, for example, in some southern Siberian nagvers, you can see the Turkic the word “katoh”, which has a pronounced swearing meaning. Like destructive and possess spread in Russian language words and phrases related to obscene. This opinion later studies of Siberian scientists, as well as statistics according to which in families where thrives checkmate, children are much behind in development from their peers living in other socio-cultural conditions. Among the data of adolescents at the time their majority is extremely high severe forms of mental disorders and chronic physical diseases. This is due to the fact that swear words, even filed like a joke, as if large-caliber shells pierce thin armor child’s aura, crippling the soul and body of the child, causing irreparable harm even future generations not yet born, making their tribal karma. Having studied the mechanism of formation of destructive texts, Sergey Kamov was able to independently create such spells using which in everyday communication with a certain person can cause him irreparable harm. So, applying ridiculous, at first look, the phrase: “I’m tired today, you can install on that the interlocutor died today. Similar destructive the meaning is the phrase: “The earth has dried up. It is waiting for rain. You have not seen. “Intonation is of great importance in pronouncing texts. vote. The sense of sound resonance is highly developed among peoples, practicing throat singing – Altai, Khakass, Tuvans, Nenets, Evenks. High sound overtones strongly affect human subconscious, starting the mechanism of destruction of the body … In late eighties with a proposal for cooperation with Sergey Representatives of one of the Soviet special services turned to K-mov, that the young scientist refused categorically. For it from him a subscription was taken that Kamov will no longer be engaged this topic. Sergey Kozhushko, Secrets of the twentieth century, No. 30

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