X-ray man and microscope man

A photo from open sources

X-ray man

Customs officer Alexei Fedorovich Skokov was in Soviet times a legend in their circles. He could stand for hours in the security room, paying no attention to those passing by people. And suddenly: “Please, open the suitcase / untie knot / open the coat. ” over the limit money, cigarettes, spirits, covered in the most hidden places.

As the Iron Curtain opens, more and more Finds became frequent and interesting. Once it worked newly acquired precious metal detector. Crate in which another emigrant took out his property, literally gutted – nothing. But the device continued to squeak. Sent a car for Skokov. Just glancing at the box, Alex grunted: “Nails in it gold. “Checked – for sure. pulled almost six kilogram.

Skokov’s finest hour came when the borders were opened. Gold, jewelry, weapons, drugs – a rare change took place without detecting another fact of smuggling. Being already advanced aged legendary x-ray man, more than once expressed a desire retire: he has already completed all the time necessary for applying for a pension long served. But the boss every time persuades him to stay in the service. “Golden frame! The old man sees through and through!”

Colleagues repeatedly asked Alexei: “Teach!” Yes, and the authorities constantly hints that it would be nice to pass on the experience, open secret. “There is no secret,” Skokov says, “I myself don’t know, How does this happen. I look at a man and suddenly starts to suck under with a spoon. And then as if something clicks in my head, and I already know where and what. ”

A photo from open sources

Microscope man

If Alexei Skokov is an X-ray man, then the 30-year-old artist Jodi Ostroyt is a human microscope. With the naked eye he can see that for which another person needs an electronic device. is he examines an object for a long time and then draws it internal structure. Draws in detail, in all details, like put to a professional artist.

Jody did not refuse research and, at the request of scientists, drew molecular structure of the samples presented to him: eucalyptus leaf and a slice of a rabbit spleen. Depicted by Ostroyt not at all differed from what the researchers saw, then setting samples under the microscope.

Some believe that his drawings represent not only scientific, but also artistic value and even willing to pay for Drawings Ostroyst money. Therefore, Jodi now does not paint landscapes, but transfers his “visions” to the canvas and successfully sells them.

Ostroyst, like Skokov, cannot explain the mechanism of his amazing gift. A click in the head – and before the eyes a picture, which only remains to be transferred to paper. Realizing that fashion is on his works will pass quickly, Ostroyt often expresses regret that an amazing ability went to him and not to any scientist.


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