Xenoglossia – the phenomenon of sudden mastery foreign languages

Xenoglossia - the phenomenon of sudden mastery of foreign languagesA photo from open sources

Xenoglossia is called suddenly manifested in humans the ability to speak a language that he did not previously know and which he basically could not learn. What is it: genetic memory? Certificate of Soul Relocation? Or something else?

From the darkness of centuries

The very first written evidence we find in the New Testament, when the 12 apostles suddenly spoke in tongues, previously not owned. Bible readers are not at all surprised: everything is subject to God. The sudden possession of the disciples of Christ foreign languages ​​were considered evidence of their God’s chosen people.

In the Kiev chronicles of the XII century, the Kiev-Pechersk cinnamon is mentioned Laurels, suddenly speaking at once on several Basurmans Languages: Latin, Hebrew, Greek and Syriac. Chernets zeal in the study of the Owl of God did not differ, the behavior was not approximate, in short on the chosen one did not pull. Therefore the monks considered that this gift was not from God, but from the Devil and began to expel from poor devils.

In 1634 in the london monastery of st. Ursula several novices spoke in Greek, Latin and Spanish. In order to get rid of a sort of adversity they were ordered to pray earnestly and fast.

In the 19th century, an Italian peasant suddenly spoke to strangers. languages. The priests who arrived found it to be Latin, Greek, Turkish and decided to save the poor man – hold a ceremony of exorcism. The procedure was successful: demon left the body of a peasant, at the same time taking with him his soul (the peasant died).

Century XX

In the 20th century, priests did not deal with such cases, but scientists, therefore, the subjects remained alive. Phenomenon has received the name xenoglossia, each case was recorded, investigated, and every year they became more and more. Started certain patterns come to light.

Usually the ability manifested in the person who survived mental or brain injury. In 1978, a resident of Lipetsk area N. Lipatov was struck by lightning, and then spoke on German, English and French. In 1979, Tula a pensioner got under a car and mastered German, from which earlier He knew only “Hyundai Hoh” and “Hitler Kaput.” At the Moscow Research Institute psychiatry in 1998 there was a woman who started after a stroke speak Hebrew.

Scientists have suggested that victims identified telepathic connection with foreigners and somehow absorbed part of their consciousness, including language proficiency.

Linguists have eyes lit up: it turns out instead pore over foreign language textbooks, just turn on a toggle switch in the brain! They remembered the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. He received letters from all over the world, but he never used the services of translators. Medium plunged into trance and read a letter written in any language.

We started looking for this “magic switch.” Idea to beat rejected test subjects or rejected under cars, decided to resort to hypnosis. And then scientists were expected surprises: many immersed in hypnosis was spoken in “dead” languages, or even remembered their past of life!

I remember…

13-year-old Englishwoman Ivetta Clark spoke in ancient Egyptian language and introduced herself as a temple dancer. Chatting with her Egyptologist not only could not catch her on inaccuracies, but and he himself learned a lot about ancient Egypt.

In 1955, a mesmerized American responded as Jensen Jacobi, who died in the 17th century, speaks Swedish a language with archaisms 300 years ago.

In 1959, 44-year-old Canadian John Dougherty spoke about his life in antiquity in the Middle East and drew some scribbles, which turned out to be Arabic scripts not used since VII A.D.

So what is it?

There are currently two competing theories. According to the first it wakes up our genetic memory. So immersed in hypnosis Pushkin could well speak some African dialect.

Supporters of reincarnation claim that our ancestors than – a person recalls his past lives.

Both theories basically say the same thing: xenoglossia – it is a bridge to our past. However, there are cases that do not fit into any of these theories. One of these described Swiss psychologist Flurnois.

In 1899, he observed a woman who was in a state of hypnosis. except French and Hindi, she spoke a language that was never were able to identify. The language had a structure, spelling, its grammatical features, but at the same time he had nothing to do either with one of the existing or dead languages. His bearer by Helen claimed that it was spoken by the inhabitants of Mars. Helena was a descendant of the Martians? Or herself in a past life lived on red the planet? Or is there a third option?

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