Yakutia Mystical: Sacred Trees

Yakutia Mystical: Sacred TreesPhotos from open sources of

Despite the fact that Yakut folklore abounds in various supernatural characters, it lacks the goblin or an entity with similar abilities and behavior. The word “goblin” (“tyataagy” – “dwelling in the forest”) here is called ordinary a bear.

But the Yakuts believe in Bayan – the spirit that protects hunters, and believe that sometimes it can be met in the forest. However, Bayanai is completely different from our forestry man. opportunities surpasses it (if we compare the Yakut and East Slavic legends).

Probably, Yakut mythology simply doesn’t need a goblin – in view of that every locality, every forest area, pond and mountain have here are their own patron spirits.

It is worth saying that these entities relate to a person without special sympathies, although they try not to harm him. However, if the traveler does not follow the rules, perfume can teach him a lesson apply “corporal punishment” (for especially grave misconduct).

What are Careyakhs?

In Yakutia, you can often see a tree growing by the road, all hung with coins, paper money and even wrappers from sweets. Locals call it “Carey”, that is, the “sacred tree “. Keryakhov in the republic – a huge variety. Each such tree precedes the entry of travelers to the earth, strictly guarded by numerous spirits.

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According to the old tradition, they should pay the fare – attach money to the tree, or at least a candy wrapper. Then powerful the guardians will not overshadow your visit here. However, tribute may not be pay – enough respect for nature and fulfillment some rules. For example, you cannot pronounce the name aloud the area your foot is stepping on for the first time. Inexplicably the reason the spirits really dislike this.

Those who intentionally or unknowingly insult the sacred trees, fall to the spirits in particular disgrace. Such blasphemy never does not go unpunished for an ignorant and daring guest.

Why the Careys cannot be defiled

This story happened in the eighties of the last century. Some Yakut chief from the district center went on a visit to neighboring area. I went on a service “Volga” with a driver. It was winter the road was long, and darkness found men on the road.

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Driving past a clearing, they stopped to help small need. Stepping out of the car, we noticed a tree on the forest, decorated with coins and pieces of paper.

Both the official and the driver were local, and therefore knew very well that it is that. However, as convinced materialists, they are not only not paid to the spirits, but also urinated amicably under the careers. Then jumped back to the “Volga” and, talking about his, drove on. Around – impenetrable darkness, and in the headlights only a snowy road is visible …

Suddenly, the engine noise changed, the car sagged sharply and slowed down move. You would have thought that the Volga suddenly had a trailer with heavy load. The driver turned on the gas: the engine roared strained but the car continued to barely creep. “What’s happening?” – asked Chief. Trying to control the car, the driver just shook shoulders.

Suddenly, the disgusting smell of rotten meat appeared in the cockpit. Men squeamishly sniffed their noses, and the driver inadvertently looked around – and the hair on his head stood on end. Behind them sat a skinny a man of Yakut appearance in shabby woolen clothes. His eyes looked unusually sunken and resembled two large tar black circle. Horrible passenger with piercing eyes drilled his companions …

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The driver immediately remembered the atrocities under the quack and already mentally said goodbye to life. Seeing how the driver, the boss, turned pale looked around – and only managed to squeak. Crouching in a chair, he literally numb.

The stench intensified more and more, the car crawled in a tortoise course, like an uninvited companion weighed a ton. Stop driver I was also afraid, because the passenger, although it inspired inhuman horror, but not yet attacked. Who knows what will happen if you stop the car and try to run away …

Soon the lights of the village appeared in the distance – and, glancing at once again in the rearview mirror, men saw an empty seat. However, the sickening smell did not disappear anywhere – it seemed that there is a rotting corpse in the car. Speed ​​is also not restored, the feeling of a prickly look at the back of the head.

And only when the Volga entered the village, the evil spirits “let go” her, although the stench was then a long time later weathered out of the car …

So the spirit took pity on two fools and only frightened them, so that henceforth they do not defile the shrines.

“Easy Money

And this incident took place in the sixties. Fleeing from creditors, from the regional Yakutsk to the Amginsky ulus headed one, Russian by nationality, a fan of card games. In amga at he was a friend who promised to find work in the local collective farm.

The fugitive drove along the way to a village and went on along the trail. It was a warm summer time, mosquitoes have not bothered yet, but in a bottle of vodka and provisions was waiting in the bag. therefore our hero’s mood was upbeat and even better when he saw a spreading tree by the road, covered in money. Besides trifles, it was a lot of paper notes, came across even five-ruble.

The traveler had no idea what he came across, and therefore immediately decided to appropriate all this good, because there is not a soul and money nearby obviously draws. He gathered them in his pocket to the last coin – it turned out quite a decent amount.

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By evening, a man stepped into a clearing with an empty summer house and decided to spend the night there. He laid his jacket on the trestle bed, dined and went to sleep.

As soon as the guest dozed off, someone pulled his leg. Surprised, he got up and looked around: in the hut was empty. The traveler again tried to fall asleep, but when he was littered, his leg again pulled, this time much stronger. Frightened, the man jumped out outside, I ran around the house, but again I saw no one. The night was bright, and if some joker acted, he could not stay unnoticed.

Returning to the house, the man killed the remnants of vodka and lay down again. to sleep, deciding that he just had sleepy hallucinations. In the third and the last time he was literally grabbed by the leg and, unceremoniously pulling off the trestle bed, dragged on the floor. Opening his eyes, miserable saw above him a dark and large humanoid figure: a creature held him by the ankle and looked directly into the face of his victim.

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Choking with fear, the poor fellow rushed back – and his leg let go. The man jumped up and rushed away from the hut, leaving in her own things.

When he reached the nearest village, he told the locals about what happened. The Yakuts explained that by collecting money from the sacred tree, this ignoramus stole them from the spirits. He was advised to go to keryahu and return everything to a single penny. However, the pockets the unlucky thief turned out to be empty: either the money quietly fell out from there, or the forest keepers have already taken their wealth back.

As you can see, and this time the angry spirit was limited to the fact that taught the guilty a good lesson.

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