Yoga changes the human brain: incredible conclusions scientists

Yoga changes the human brain: the incredible conclusions of scientistsA photo from open sources

Those who practice yoga are not without reason confident in its ability cope with stress. Researchers from Rotterdam (University Erasmus) claim that meditation and yoga lead to changes in brain structure.

The experts analyzed the database, which contains Information on 15,000 Dutch people aged 45 and over. Among them, 3742 people are fond of meditation and yoga. It is they in researchers are more interested. They were all offered undergo an MRI of the brain, and some volunteers went through it in experiment purposes more than once.

It turned out that for yoga lovers, MRI showed a reduced right amygdala, which is part of the amygdala and plays an important role in the formation of negative emotions. In addition, the study turned out to be a reduced left side of the hippocampus, which also involved in the manifestation of various emotions.

Scientists have also noticed that yoga has a positive effect on cardiovascular system, and also avoids the accumulation in the body of cholesterol and the growth of excess weight. Researchers previously there were suggestions that a positive effect is achieved precisely due to such practices. In general, meditation, according to some scientists can prolong a person’s life.

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