You can be plastic and happy even with full body

You can be plastic and happy even with a full body.A photo from open sources

This is exactly what the twenty-seven-year-old resident claims San Francisco Veleri Sagun, which surprises those around her plasticity, having far from a sports figure. Rather girl can be called a little pie, however, despite this, it is easy performs such yoga poses that even the most slim fashion models.

A photo from open sources

Demonstrating his plastic body on instagram, Veleri Sagun strives not so much for popularity (although she has almost a hundred thousand subscribers), how much to convey to others their belief that lush bodies and heavy weight are not always bad. The main thing is how to relate to this and what to do so that the body does not rule over you, and you are above the body.

The girl easily performs the most difficult poses from yoga, and does it with pleasure. She does these exercises with youth who infected yoga while studying art in university.

A photo from open sources

For Veleri, nothing is impossible, not even twine, which can to carry out no more than two percent of the inhabitants of the earth, for her – trivial matter.

Veleri also loves bright outfits, even her costumes for classes yoga amaze with its colorfulness and some optimistic notes. All this, the girl believes, cheers up, inspires, but in any business, and especially in yoga, it’s important not to as much as you do, how much, how do you do it, with what mood, with which striving towards the light and towards God.

This is the harmony of body and soul, and when achieved this balance, then the woman becomes a goddess. No coincidence Veleri Sagun is a huge success among men – fans of her more than enough.

A photo from open sources

A woman, the girl constantly repeats, should not have complexes in relation to your body. It is these complexes, not magnificent teles and extra pounds make her gray and unattractive for men. Extra pounds do not happen, there are extra and wrong beliefs.

Veleri Sagun’s biggest dream is to open his own yoga school and beauty, she is currently collecting money for this, and many people, including the Internet, support her in this – and morally and financially. And there is no doubt that the girl will fulfill his dream, and thanks to this he will make many more women who suffer from their “inferiority”, healthy and happy!

A photo from open sources


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