You do not believe in miracles – then you are a mutant

Scientists have long noticed that skeptics in the world
much less than people willing to believe in any miracles. how
these researchers prove to us the separation of people into mystics and
skeptics happened around 10 – 12 centuries, when the rapid
the development of science “clouded the mind of many.”

In medieval Europe, such skeptics were often burned on
bonfires on a par with witches. Do not believe? But such a custom, for example,
is still preserved in Ethiopia, where some tribes (Tsemay and
Mursi) still practice fighting with unbelief. There, for example, those
who doubt the magic rituals and capabilities of the shaman, just
buried in the ground – alive. This is done in order to
stop the spread of the disease “nakho”, which makes a person
insane, that is, not believing in the divine powers of Nature.

how это ни покажется нам диким, но ученые-генетики утверждают,
that Africans are right in this regard because the disease
�“Naho-skepticism” is inherited. The fact is explain
scientists, that for faith in man, as it turned out, is responsible for a special
The gene encoding the VMAT2 protein, which determines this function. Thats
there is this hereditary material. Lack of such a gene and
creates skepticism in a person, that is, such an individual with
full right can be called a mutant, an inferior person
of society. This discovery is attributed to genetics Dean Hamer, and his
today shared by most researchers of genetic
human material.

The current skeptics – descendants of godless scientists of the past?

Therefore, if you feel skepticism, look in your
ancestral genus from among the first fanatical scholars, for example, among
of such luminaries of the atheists’ science as Copernicus, Galileo,
Bruno and so on.

But maybe it’s all wrong? However, one of the main components
teachings of the ancient East was and remains the position that a believer
man has a special enlightened energy, which
connects it with the cosmic mind. And the unbelieving skeptic,
on the contrary, it has a heavy energy that inclines it to everything
low and dark.

Genetics confirmed this by proving that the VMAT2 protein is not only
allows a person to believe in God and miracles, but also contributes
activating blood cells, which in turn slows down aging,
brings a person a great pleasure in life – harmony, which
does not depend on wealth or on the social status of man.
It turns out that belief in paranormal phenomena, ghosts, sorcerers
and other mysticism, aliens, finally, like faith in God – this
same. And this is not a whim of our mind or even a consequence
education, but simply – heredity …

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