Young Arsonists

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In the Philippines, in the city of San Jose, a five-year-old girl lives, which is capable of setting fire to various things at a distance to predict fires (though only those arranged by herself). She – one of those who have the ability to so-called pyrokinesis. Researchers are well aware of this phenomenon, but science is not yet able to explain it. For the first time about the unusual the child spoke in March 2011. People have seen in the presence of a little girl, clothes, mattresses, pillows lit up paper ignited … But the most interesting thing is that baby often predicted when something was supposed to catch fire.

One of the witnesses of the phenomenon was the mayor of the city of San Jose in the province Antique, where the girl lives. Senor Molina says that after as the girl lazed: “Fire … Pillow …”, – a pillow in the house caught fire on its own. Once, when Molina was in the house baby’s parents, she screamed: “Something caught fire!” And on the same the shirt drying in the yard flashed for a moment. “Nobody touched she or even didn’t come close, the mayor recalls. – she’s just seconds later it was engulfed in flames. “A local policeman by the name of Gorero saw in the presence of a strange girl light up at least five objects, including pieces of cookies. Wherein nobody touched objects. The mayor ordered to place next to home where the family lives babies, cops, firefighters and observers. In all likelihood, soon the baby tested by doctors and psychologists. Modern parapsychologists believe that this is a form of kinetic poltergeist, carriers of which are most often children, adolescents and young women. The phenomenon has a spontaneous psychological nature: it the manifestation is usually preceded by a stressful situation. In April 1941, spontaneous fires continually happened on the farm William Hackler in the American town of Odon (Indiana). From 8 to 11 o’clock in the morning 48 times (!) the flame flashed in different parts of the house, and fires were very strange: in front of people the wall calendar hanging on the door began to smolder clothes, a blanket on the bed just crumbled to ashes, and a book, standing on a shelf burned out from the inside. Probably an indirect culprit the arson was one of the family members, but who exactly, did not establish managed. In August 1948, mysterious arson pursued family of farmer Charles Willers (Illinois, USA). August 7 immediately five rooms lit up the wallpaper. It was worth putting out the flame in one place as it flashed in another. Then the wallpaper was ripped from the walls, but rafters and wooden partitions continued to burn … For a week in the house had more than 200 fires, the fire destroyed all good Willers. They moved to live in the garage, but immediately broke out one of the barns in the courtyard, followed by the other … After all, the Willers moved to a neighboring empty house, and only then the fiery misfortune left them alone. It is possible that the culprit of the poltergeist became the daughter of the Willers, 13-year-old Vanet: her parents divorced, and the girl was very worried. This could very well be the reason. telekinetic phenomenon. In the late 80s, similar phenomena observed in the city of Enakievo, Donetsk region. First in the window the apartments where N.’s family lived had two openings with fused edges, then electrical plugs began to fly out, knocking of incomprehensible origin began spontaneous combustion. Moreover, they persecuted family members not only in own house: when they temporarily moved to their parents, there too various objects began to ignite. Most often things flashed in the presence of teenager Sasha. As soon as he came to visit to relatives, how the outerwear hanging in the hallway caught fire. IN another time in the apartment of the same relatives ignited him school uniform pants that the boy, changing clothes, hung on the back of the chair. Fires also happened in the school where Sasha went: once his briefcase caught fire right in the classroom. The prosecutor’s office criminal case on arson. They tried to blame Sasha for everything. Doctors were preparing to diagnose the teenager with pyromania. Family N. literally persecuted, exposing psychiatric and others tests, but no signs of mental illness revealed. By the way, no matter how the law enforcement agencies pressured the boy, he so he didn’t confess to anything. And May 23, 1987 poltergeist stopped by itself. However, there are times when the sensitive ignites fire of his own free will. For example, the famous Ninel Kulagina was able to glance to heat objects to a very high temperature, which was repeatedly recorded during the experiments. And all same, what is the relationship between mental state human and thermal characteristics of the objects surrounding him? Unfortunately, the nature of the phenomenon is not completely clear.

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