Youth sometimes comes back

Youth sometimes comes backPhotos from open sources Every year, doctors in the world record about a hundred facts sudden rejuvenation, which is called age regression. These cases occur in various countries and that interesting with people who cannot boast in a healthy way of life.

Sad stories

Sampu Issa, who worked as a household waste disposal operator, and Sei Senagon, the seamstress who made the kimono, survived the tragedy Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At the end of the 70s of the last century, they were already sick old people and were in the hospital for treatment. At night on October 24, 1979, Sei Senagon and Sampu Issa experienced strong and strong sexual arousal. Morning staff Clinic did not recognize patients. Their gray hair disappeared, he returned natural hair color, after a week old teeth fell out, and later another week began to appear new. The bones became strong, and the whole the skin is young and supple. Ophthalmologist, who was sharply surprised the intensified vision of patients found that blurred their lenses completely disappeared. Cardiologists have ascertained that the blood pressure of former old men is like eighteen. Also symptoms of progressive Alzheimer’s disease completely disappeared.

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Peers Sei Senagon and Sampu Issa ceased to recognize them when meeting on the street. In 1981, the “young old people” had an appearance people who are thirty years old. Sampu Issa at the same time married his seventeen-year-old neighbor and soon became a father daughters. Say Senagon also married and gave birth to a child. Japanese the press regularly reported on the lives of these phenomenal people whom even called immortal.

However, in 1985, such publications were interrupted by the message that that life has returned everything to its place. Say Senagon and Sampu Issa for one week old and passed away. Their children began to suffer from ailments, inherent in the deep old people, and after some time too have died.

… In one of the Moscow scientific laboratories carried out treatment the spine using a new, experimental apparatus with using magnetic fields. Carrying out the procedure, the laboratory assistant accidentally distracted and introduced non-standard parameters. The patient there was a woman of about fifty who didn’t notice anything special, however, after the session, she suddenly began to get younger. She felt everything more cheerful and cheerful and began to look better. At first a woman naturally, she was glad and continued to get younger day by day – until until people began to confuse her with her daughter. Then she frightened, and frightened, she began to age again. At the laboratory which mixed up the settings of the device, find out something is not managed.

… Soso Lomidze was well known in the former Soviet Union as a person who, over time, did not grow old, but grew younger, and also in as a “thief in law” with the nickname Old Man. At the time of his death (died in 1998 at the age of 56) Lomidze looked like a child. Soso stopped aging when he was 25 years old. The bristles on his face replaced the fluff, his face was rounded. Lomidze began to lose weight and decrease in growth. Moreover, his physical and mental abilities persisted. Two of their most recent high-profile cases Lomidze committed, being in the form of a pioneer child.

Optimistic stories

However, not everything is so sad. There are people who, rejuvenated suddenly, remain so and still. So Rose Faroni at the age of 97 began to rapidly grow younger. In 2007, she had six grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren, and hardly looked not younger than your own granddaughter. Rosa, like her doctor, cannot to say what caused such changes, why the body became younger. She says she eats everything, smokes and even drinks more than it should. The only thing that discourages a woman is the chance to get pregnant: if you’re already under a hundred – it’s funny give birth to.

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… Vyacheslav Klimov in a fifteen-year-old teenager had an accident on car and received multiple burns. In total there was 70 percent of the skin is burned. Glory twice suffered clinical death and still survived. And a few years later he suddenly began to get younger. Now Vyacheslav Klimov is 46 years old, and he looks 20 years younger. A man takes part in the work of the Kosmopoisk association and is engaged the study of various anomalous phenomena.

A photo from open sources

Unfortunately, despite the statistics (as already mentioned, one hundred a person in the world gets younger every year), there is practically no information about them. But how interesting it would be to follow the fate of such people …

Life time

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