Zimbabwean family suffers from mysterious fires

Zimbabwean family suffers from mysterious firesPhoto from open sources

Zimbabwean family claims to be tortured by unexplained fires constantly occurring in the house. Living in Gweru the family is tired of fighting fires that mystically occur in different rooms of the home. According to Philip Hlabati, it started back in 2013 and since then the fire has become sworn the enemy of the man and his family.

The last fire occurred recently. On the morning of the first of September Khlabati’s wife was cleaning the house and unexpectedly found one of the beds has a mysterious spotted egg. The family does not breed birds, and wild birds are unlikely to penetrate the human home to lay eggs there. Woman away from sin threw out an unexpected find, and after only an hour the bed, under by which the egg was found ignited. Bedroom and many the objects in it were destroyed by fire. Fortunately, none of the people Suffered.

A photo from open sources

The neighbors of Khlabati fled to the fire and began to help the family put out Fire. It is interesting that many of them noticed that egg in the house. It lay quietly on a dresser in a flaming room and seemed to was completely unaffected by fire. Zimbabweans they say that some unpleasant energy emanated from the egg, inspired people for their lives. When the fire was finally extinguished, the mysterious egg disappeared somewhere.

Philip Hlabati reports: “I don’t know what my family should do. We badly in need of help. ”

City firefighters are not able to help fellow countrymen. All that they they can do is to come to the next call and put out the fire. Fire Department specialists repeatedly checked the wiring in home, however, she always turned out in perfect order.

At the moment, the Hlabati family is huddled in the last the untouched fire of the room of their house however how long they hold out there until the next mystical fire, say impossible.


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