Zombie apocalypse is becoming a reality?

The last days brought very disturbing news. They can
consider fiction, but agree: real life is often
It turns out to be worse than any invented scenarios.

To begin, remember that with the advent of the new millennium, we have
to suggest that the world is under threat of a zombie apocalypse. Who
put forward this idea and how it is going to be implemented – a separate
The question is, however, officials, a number of scientists and, of course, the media in
recent years have lobbied strongly for this topic. Appeared huge
number of movies and books about zombies. Internet also abounds
similar materials.

It was reported to the public that zombies were not
fiction fiction. What Hollywood and the “Chosen” Preach
writers are in reality reality hidden under the wrapper
fiction. The goal is to teach people, and first of all
Americans, to the idea that this may be, or more precisely –
scare, psychologically weaken before the danger. Remember though
would a blockbuster called “War of the Worlds Z”?

In 2014 John Whitehead wrote this very well:

Fear and paranoia have become distinctive features.
modern american life. They influence how we as
nations see the world around us as we watch each other as citizens
at a friend — and above all, how our government looks at us. Neither
what has this epidemic of fear and paranoia not affected so much as
on the fascination of the masters of culture with the zombie theme, which is most vividly
manifested in the hit series The Walking Dead. There is a script
a small group of Americans trying to survive in a world captured
zombie. Heroes of the film have to fight not only from carnivores
monsters, but also from their fellow cannibals …

In the process all are involved. Analysts and lured scientists
frightened people from television screens and newspaper pages. AT
American schools and colleges began to take courses in which
taught to survive in a zombie apocalypse. Even FEMA is left
aside and in 2013 conducted a strange exercise called “Zombie
ufo crash.

In short, people were hard at work preparing …

Science fiction becomes reality

Michael Hastings, freelance journalist, cooked last year
sensational material about Fort Detrik, and more precisely about located there
Infectious Diseases Research Center (not far from
of Frederick in Maryland).

Hastings was going to publish the results of this investigation,
касающегося… zombie. I wanted to talk about the relationship between the CIA and the Israeli
Mossad, as well as about the connection of the American and Israeli secret
scientists. And finally, that in the bacteriological center
Fort-Detrick conduct experiments on people in order to bring a new
a species – a zombie that is planned to be used in
as a biological weapon!

Unfortunately, from the materials collected by the journalist, little
left, since most of them liquidated the CIA. Michael himself
was killed. However, from what he managed to share with his
friends, it is easy to understand how serious it is.

AT 2016г. The United States has been overwhelmed by the violence that
caused the drug “Flakka”. Under his influence, people became
insane: bit, fought, could move with a huge
speed and possessed incredible strength. Obsessed with madness, they
killed the people around them and tore their flesh with their teeth. Kill these
nouveau monsters could only be shot in the head. ATсе
it seemed like a fantastic horror movie …

Hastings had evidence that at Fort Detrick over these
�”People” put experiments. He found that accustomed to the “Flakka”
not only the blood changes completely, but the whole structure of the organism.
Essentially they cease to be human.

For experiments, scientists from Israel provided the American
colleagues some virus. AT результате «подопытные» превратились в
most real zombies, as they could transmit a monstrous infection
through saliva!

AT городе Фредерик появились зомби

And now from Frederick comes scary messages about
the appearance of zombies there that tear, bite and kill the townspeople. AT Сети
About this appeared material abc news agency 13 NEWS
NOW. Two hours later, the message disappeared. Isn’t everyone strange

AT нем говорилось о том, то полиция Фредерика просит горожан
keep calm and do not panic. ATласти и полиция обещали
find and neutralize criminals. Residents of the city called for
vigilance If you, said in a statement, notice someone else’s
inappropriate behavior, call the police urgently and how you can
quickly leave a dangerous place.

From the foregoing it follows that the zombie apocalypse is not
fantastic, but a nightmarish reality? ..

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